A Brief History



Hendrick Moe begins work at The Phoenix Lighting Fixture Company.



Hendrick and Ole Moe form Moe Brothers Manufacturing. Moe Brothers is the predecessor of the Thomas Lighting Group.



Hendrick and Ole Moe decide to sell their stock to a group headed by Lee B. Thomas. Moe Brother Manufacturing changes its name to Moe Light.



Moe Light and The Electric Sprayit Company merge. The name is changed to Thomas Industries and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.



Under a new showroom development program, the first Thomas Lighting Center opens its doors. The program assists Thomas customers with site selection, financing, advertising, promotion, stocking plans, and interior arrangements.

Thomas Industries is listed on the New York Stock exchange under the symbol TII.



Thomas Industries and The Genlyte Group Inc. form a lighting joint venture. The new company is named Genlyte Thomas Group LLC and is headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky.



Thomas Lighting celebrates the most successful year in its history and is awarded “Outstanding Company of the Year Award” by Genlyte Thomas Group.


The GENLYTE Group Inc. and its associated company and brands are purchased by Philips, a world leader in lighting.


The Thomas Lighting line becomes part of Philips Consumer Luminaires, a business unit of Philips North America. The business unit now operates from Elgin, IL.



The Thomas Lighting line becomes part of Elk Group International operating out of Nequehoning, PA.



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