Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I obtain a catalog of your products?

A. Our online catalog provides the most up to date product information, but if you need a printed catalog, please contact your local Thomas distributor, or regional Thomas sales representative.

Q. Can I buy fixtures or replacement glass directly from Thomas Lighting?

A. No, Thomas Lighting does not sell direct to consumers. All sales must go though an authorized distributor. To search for a local distributor by Zip code, click here.

There are also several Internet-based distributors that carry our products. Please search “Thomas Lighting products” using your favorite Internet search engine.

Q. Does Thomas stock replacement glass for older light fixtures?

A. We should be able to provide replacement glass for any product in our current catalog. Please browse our catalog to visually identify your fixture, and locate its item number. Any Thomas distributor should be able to order the replacement glass for you. If your fixture is no longer being produced, it is highly unlikely that we will have replacement glass for it.

If you bought a new product and the glass was broken in shipping, please contact the distributor from where the item was purchased.

Q. Do you have replacement trims for an older Thomas recessed light?

A. All recessed housings have specific trims that are designed for use with them, so the first step is to identify the housing. There should be a label inside the cylinder that states the housing number, and shows the available trim numbers and lamp wattages.

If the recessed housing number begins with a TR or DY, we have trims to fit those. If the housing is an R1 or R100-series (the hole in the ceiling is about 7” dia.) then we cannot recommend a replacement trim. The R1/R100 housings were discontinued in the early 90’s, along with the trims that were intended for use with them.

If your original trim is in good shape and you just want to freshen the appearance, we recommend painting it. Any decent acrylic enamel spray paint would work fine. It does not need to be a high-temp paint.

Q. Can I install your recessed lighting under an outdoor porch or soffit?

A. Yes, all of our recessed housings have a damp location rating, and are suitable for that application. Any trim is also suitable, but we recommend choosing one made of aluminum, such as the TRS30-W, or TRB30-W. The finish on those trims will hold up better over time.

Q. Do I need to use a glass-enclosed “shower” trim in an outdoor application?

A. No. In fact, that type of trim may present maintenance issues because the lens will fill up with bugs and debris. You will also need to climb a ladder and remove the trim in order to replace the lamp. The TRS30-W and TRB30-W will allow the lamp to be changed using a suction cup on a pole.

Q. I have a fluorescent fixture with a bad ballast. Can I get a replacement ballast from Thomas?

A. The ballast is warranted through the ballast manufacturer for a period of two years. If you feel you have a ballast warranty claim, please contact the ballast manufacturer directly. The manufacturer’s name and model number will be shown on the ballast label. If the ballast manufacturer cannot offer a satisfactory solution, please contact our customer service at 888-202-9605.

Q. I have a commercial luminaire that is labeled “Thomas”. Can you provide parts, or a replacement lens?

A. We are a division of ELK Group Intl., and we specialize in everything residential. We do not make products with HID or metal halide light sources. There are numerous lighting companies within the ELK Group organization. At one time, it was not uncommon for all divisions to use “Thomas”, or “Genlyte Thomas” as a brand identifier. Please see if there are any other brand names on the product (Day-Brite, Capri, McPhilben, etc.) and search for that specific company name.

If you did not find an answer to your question in the above FAQ, or in our Knowledge Base, please fill out the form below. We try to answer all inquiries as soon as possible, but please allow up to 10 days for a reply. For immediate assistance please contact our customer service at 888-202-9605, a local distributor, or your regional Thomas sales representative.

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