At Thomas Lighting, we have transformed our company several times since our founding in 1919, constantly challenging ourselves with this question: Are we doing the right things to build a stronger company and build a brighter future for people and our planet?

We now see ourselves in a phase of sustainable growth, characterized by a holistic approach, fully integrated into our business model.

In this phase, safety and environmental protection are market-driven business fundamentals throughout the global value chain. Working in partnership with others, we are building sustainability into our products themselves as well as into the way we make them. Sustainability is central to our total value proposition, impacting not only our business, but every customer and every consumer we touch, everywhere in the world.

We now see ourselves in a phase of sustainable growth

Thomas Lighting’s Sustainability Goals span all of our operations — from R&D to manufacturing to marketing. They go beyond traditional footprint reduction to include goals that tie our business growth even more directly to the development of safer and environmentally improved new products for the many global markets we serve — market 1, market 2, market 3, and market 4, to name a few.

While we have made progress, we recognize we have more to do. We will honor our commitment to the future by directing our efforts to sustainable growth — not as a distant goal, but as an immediate reality for Thomas Lighting employees and our extended family of customers and partners around the world.

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